Welding engineers - marine flying squads

The company VBMD Ltd is established 14 years ago and its activity is shipbuilding, shiprepair, metals constructions, cable layers etc.

From the last years our main activity is distribution of men power in the above mentioned business. The workers who we supply are good professionals with experience in European Shipyards and other construction factories and from the 10 years experience of our company in different countries as: mainly Malta, Spain (Huelva .Seville), Italy (Messina, Napoli, La Spezia), Germany (Papenburg, Rostock, Hamburg). VBMD company is disposed with rich diapason of different professions and they are skilled and certified.

Our background and know-how in shipbuilding and shiprepair enable us to offer extensive repair and maintenance of vessels and rigs whilst in service. As we employ naval architects, steel and mechanical engineers, FROSIO/NACE certified coating inspectors and using our experts riding crews, we are able to perform pre-inspections in order to verify the correct solution and determine the exact scope of work to be carried out. Together with vessels owner or manager, the optimum maintenance or repair solution is then tailored; whether steel work, engine repairs, pipe renewal, ballast tank or deck refurbishment.

With the increase in IMO and class regulations there is increased demand for ongoing maintenance of vessels. Proper maintenance programs help decrease the risk of failure, increase the life span of the vessels, and help to spread cost over time. By closely working with owners and managers we are able to plan voyage repairs around the schedule of the vessels thereby reducing costs and maximizing time at sea.

 We are able to put the following categories of shipyard professionals at your disposal:

 • Certified steel fitters and welders

 • Certified pipe fitters and pipe welders

 • Certified engine fitters

 • Certified or skilled painters and blasters

 • Certified carpenters, isolators, scaffolders

 • Project supervisors and foremen

 • Cleaners and general operatives

 • Graduated electro engineers and electricians

 • Graduated naval architects, steel and mechanical engineers