HLP Group

Heavy duty pumps for tank terminals, refineries, navy/marine, offshore & industrial
from 0.4 cSt till 100 000 cSt, own brand, manufactured in the Netherlands

Holland Legacy Pump Group b.v. (hlp group) is a Dutch pump manufacturer.
The hlp group is a relatively new company, with very experienced people. Almost every single hlp group employee has his/her roots in the pumping business and brings along years of experience.

The organisation is established by a group of pump experts who have the goal to bring the centrifugal and positive displacement pump technologies together and build a strong pump legacy based on existing experiences and requirements in the market.

HLP Group deliver pumps and pump solutions with a Dutch certificate of origin. Their focus is to improve the production of pumps and pump solutions, while working with every well-known supply partner in the business, e.g. for e-motors and seal systems.
HLP Groups co-makers for machining and welding have a strong Dutch history in our business.
HLP Group has a production location dedicated to screw shafts as well as assembly and testing facilities in the Netherlands.

The company is located in the center of the Netherlands, close to the city of Utrecht.

Whatever the need, HLP Group supplies it:
  • New build pumps
  • Complete engineered skids
  • Spares and service engineers
  • Different pump technologies

Visitors are always welcome at their premises!


The vision of hlp group emphasizes the importance of history as the foundation for the future. Focused on core competencies, the organization aims to ensure its future by maintaining a steadfast dedication to these competencies and its business.

hlp group, recognized experts in fluid handling and process optimization, envisions creating an environment where their solutions, products, and services alleviate non-core business activities for their clients. Their goal is to support clients in maintaining focus on their core business.

As a comprehensive partner, hlp group guarantees that their fluid handling processes and equipment are resilient against various requirements and changes, thereby enhancing reliability and contributing to savings in time, money, and environmental impact.

We have finished projects in Norway, Greece, France, Italy, Malaysia, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan, Spain, Poland, Germany, Argentina, and USA of our extensive range of pumps, including crude oil, vacuum residue, bitumen, naphtha-diesel, bitumen B55 / B300, fuel oil, oils, fuels, biofuels, bitumen (80/100), bitumen TPJ ME, asphalt, diesel & paraffin, and black oil.


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