MELCAL specializes in the development and delivery of sophisticated handling solutions, offering comprehensive global support and life cycle services tailored to the marine and offshore industry.

Facilitated by MELCAL's consultative sales network and its skilled design and engineering team, clients benefit from professional interaction and close collaboration. MELCAL’s advanced handling solutions, often featuring innovative designs, blend a robust architecture with quality components and meticulous workmanship. To address clients’ specific requirements related to application and safety, MELCAL provides a complete range of professional life cycle services, specifically designed to ensure optimal operational availability and performance. MELCAL's extensive experience and notable references across various marine and offshore market segments position MELCAL as the preferred global partner for cutting-edge handling and service solutions.

Market segments

Oil & gas

MELCAL excels in designing and delivering durable handling solutions customized for various applications, offering essential support for challenging operations in the Oil and Gas industry. The resilient lifting appliances from MELCAL consistently ensure reliable and secure performance.


MELCAL offers a diverse range of handling solutions tailored for the offshore wind industry, featuring both standard and customizable options. Specifically designed for the efficient transfer of spares and provisions from supply vessels to the wind platform, MELCAL's wind turbine platform DAVITS and NACELLES are integral to this process. MELCAL cranes boast a robust defense against the corrosive marine environment, thanks to a quality coating system, hot-dip galvanized structural bolts, and IP66/IP67 protection class for electrical components. For ship-to-substation lifts and top-deck operations on offshore substations, operators can confidently rely on MELCAL equipment to ensure safe and effective execution.


Safety is paramount in offshore operations, given the challenging environment. MELCAL deck equipment ensures a secure workplace, facilitating safe and efficient handling of cargo and personnel. MELCAL's portfolio, from deck cranes to intelligent load handling solutions for subsea operations, reflects their extensive experience as offshore industry suppliers.


MELCAL excels in creating, producing, and providing cutting-edge handling solutions tailored for the dredging industry. Clients enjoy a range of standout features, including weight optimization, a Norsok paint system, stainless steel pipes, metalizing marine treatment, hot-dip galvanized components, and optional corrosion protection for cylinder rods with choices like ceramic coating and laser cladding. MELCAL cranes are installed on hopper and cutter dredgers, as well as dredging support vessels.


MELCAL provides tailored handling solutions for navy and coast guard vessels, considering project-specific variables like cargo type, operational area, and space limitations. MELCAL's design and manufacturing expertise extend to lifting equipment for RHIBs, including customizable cranes, winches, a-frames, and davits. Renowned for delivering state-of-the-art lifting solutions, MELCAL stands as a top player in the industry. Our in-house technical expertise ensures customers worldwide receive safe, durable, and cost-effective solutions. MELCAL delivers cranes and a-frames for installation on navy and coast guard vessels.


MELCAL supplies shipyards and vessel owners with smart handling solutions and with compact, yet competent equipment for efficient ship-to-shore operations. Most vessels are equipped with service cranes and roof cranes to handle general cargo, including pallets, big bags, and zodiacs. MELCAL's handling solutions are designed specifically for optimal service coverage and for maximum hook clearance in the available cargo space.


MELCAL provides an extensive array of handling solutions for precise cargo lifts and specialized equipment for launching and retrieving zodiacs and scientific assets, including ROVs. The team of sales engineers actively collaborates with oceanographic research institutes, vessel designers, and shipyards to identify optimal equipment configurations and deliver reliable technical solutions designed to excel offshore.


MELCAL's extensive experience in the fishing and fish farming industry demonstrates a deep understanding of its requirements. Their deck handling solutions, designed to withstand high loads in harsh weather conditions, consistently meet owner expectations. Live fish carriers, trawlers, and purse seiners can be equipped with MELCAL cranes for provisions, net cage handling, or specialized solutions designed for aquaculture and fish food transfer. MELCAL delivers foldable knuckle boom cranes, featuring a robust, maintenance-friendly design to ensure maximum equipment availability, safety, and efficiency onboard.


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