ACG - Azienda Chimica Genovese

ACG is one of the world’s most important manufacturers of equipment for the shipping industry and Oil&Gas, with offices and agents across the globe. One of the most important operators in its sector, it offers solutions to marine fouling problems (which cause considerable problems in sea water piping) and helps to control hull corrosion in an ecological, environmentally-friendly manner.
It was the world’s first company to install antifouling treatment plants onboard vessel; indeed the first electrolysis cells was named after “Doldi Cell”, its inventor.

Since it was first established, back in 1947, innovation has always been one of the most important factors of evolution for the company, which has allowed it to expand its market worldwide, offering high-technology products with creative ideas and excellent solutions.
Established in Genoa by its founder, Alessandro Doldi (1908-2001) to produce and market a disinfectant agent, sodium hypochlorite, the company developed considerably with the second generation: Claudio, Carlo and Bianca.
The company has a strong focus on the future and this is what is behind the firm belief that the fundamental drivers of growth and progress must lie in technological innovation, research and development.

Aware of the need to offer to customers high quality products on an ever more crowded market, where sometime low quality and unexpensive products are offered, ACG only uses Italian technology to design its products, which are conceived in a tailormade way, in Italy and Italy only, by specialised engineers.

Application Fields

- Maritime industry

- Oil & gas offshore

- Oil & gas onshore

- Offshore

- Industry

- Water utility

- Community