FARAD heat exchangers

Established in 1979, Farad SA has emerged as a leading force in the design and manufacturing of high-quality Heat Exchangers. Headquartered in Piraeus, Greece, the company boasts over 40 years of dedicated experience and is proud to have completed more than 25,000 successful installations. With a workforce of 60 skilled professionals, Farad S.A. has cultivated a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise across five diverse industries:

Marine, Petrochemical, Energy, Food & Beverage and HVAC & Refrigeration

The company's commitment to excellence is reflected in its manufacturing processes, which include daily workflow management, computerized job order monitoring, and continuous quality improvement. Operating under the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and Policy BVQI, the company adheres to stringent standards such as PED 2014/64/EU, ASME BPVC VIII div.1, and other national codes.

Farad's manufacturing infrastructure is equipped with cutting-edge technology and a high-performance production line. Leveraging advanced software for thermal and mechanical calculations, as well as testing facilities to verify design parameters, Farad ensures the highest quality in every product.


Quality is at the core of the company's operations, evidenced by a 2-year warranty period on all products, the use of top-quality European certified raw materials, 3D modeling for installation prediction, and a 12-point Quality Control Check at every stage. The company's commitment extends to minimizing the footprint of its products through sophisticated design.


Reliability is a cornerstone of the company's service. Farad offers lifetime technical support, conducts necessary inspections for proper operation, provides operator training, and delivers detailed technical reports and documentation for all equipment.

Research & Development

Research & Development is a dynamic aspect of the company, employing industry-leading software to calculate optimal dimensions and specifications based on customer requirements. Farad's R&D department constantly refines designs for easy installation, optimal operation, and simple maintenance.


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