Decma Hamburg


DECKMA HAMBURG GmbH is a well established company, supplying oil-in-water monitors and systems to the marine and industrial markets since the early 1970's. In addition to a range of monitors to conform to the IMO-regulations for shipboard discharge of oily water we also design and manufacture systems for such applications as: Boiler Condensate, Process Water, Cooling Water and General. Effluent Discharge from Power Stations, Chemical Plants, Tank Farms and Offshore Platforms. Industrial applications are such that the supply of a standard monitor is invariably insufficient to cope with process conditions. Therefore we ask for our application Questionaire to be completed. This enables us to tailor a system to your exact requirements and provide something that will prove reliable and as maintenance free as possible. We would be happy to discuss any requirements you might have for our systems and, on receipt of more technical information would provide budget prices and outlines.