Automotive for the world.  

Our Technical team is highly qualified and certified in all types of turbochargers. Regularly, we take courses at Mitsubishi factory in Nagasaki (Japan), Napier in Lincoln (UK), KBB in Bannewitz (Germany), STX in Korea and HS turbocharger (Hispano Suiza) such our experience with over 10 years as Authorized Workshop of MAN Diesel and ABB.  

Service turbochargers and heat exchangers  

With more than 30 years of experience in the turbocharger field, Turbo Cadiz has more modern installations and a production system ready to carry out any type of repair in the area of the turbocharger.  

Cleaning and inspection systems  

Our cleaning systems in closed circuit respect our enviromental performace, The area of disassembly and cleaning are totally independent of the machining area, preparation, balancing and assembly of the turbocharger. These cleaning systems of washing mchines in closed circuit and respect for the environment lead us to the establishment and certification of Management system according ISO14001, inlcuding the Quality Certification ISO9001 since 1994.  

Due to our expansion policy, TURBO CADIZ has its own facilites in Las Palmas (Canary Island) and in Tangier (Morocco). 

History of Turbo Cadiz 

Turbo Cadiz founded in 1986 and initially named EFA CADIZ SL. started its first steps in a small facility in Cadiz, restructuring a car repairing workshop, which was the beginning of a business adventure which after more than 25 years is still growing. 
EFA CADIZ started its service in the Turbocharger Business (repair and maintenance) with the factory support of BBC (Brown Boveri Company, now ABB Turbocharger), being a collaborator workshop and providing technical assistance in all disciplines. 
At the same time, we began to represent other important makers in the world, for example KKK (now KKK Turbolader, Borg Warner Turbo Systems), Garret, Switzer, Holset and IHI. 
Fulfilling our own ambition to offer the best warranty to our customers and the need to promote the important collaboration with the above mentioned companies, we purchased new equipment with the aim to optimize the process and quality. 

EFA CADIZ began working on vessels from 
-Compañia Trasmediterránea (J.J.Sister, Manuel Soto, Ciudad de Burgos, Ciudad de Cádiz,….and at the moment, Ciudad de Salamanca, Ciudad de Valencia, Superfast Canarias, Superfast Andalucía, …..),  
-ISNASA (Isleña de Navegación, at present missing), for Naviera Elcano (Castillo de Almansa, Castillo de Montearagón….) and  
-Cadiz Shipyard, now Navantia. 

In 1990 EFA Cadiz moved to San Fernando, a city near Cadiz. The new facilities were more appropriate to our necessities, and had more space for the modern equipment acquired to offer state of the art technologies to our customers. 
At the same time, EFA Cadiz came in contact with Vocational Training Institute aloowing us to hire professional and well educated young people. From now on the company was named Turbo Cadiz, SL. 
Considering the importance of quality for the services, TURBO CADIZ obtained in 1994 the Quality Certificate ISO 9001 and 14001 from Bureau Veritas Quality International.  
The same year TURBO CADIZ was certified as Authorized Workshop for KBB Turbochargers. Also the same year TURBO CADIZ made relationships with significant customers e.g.  

-Gibraltar Shipyard,  

and signed agreements for the repair and maintenance for the turbochargers of all brands and all heat exchangers. 
Additionally TURBO CADIZ worked in close collaboration with others companies, e.g.  

-WW Marpetrol (at first Mar Caterina, Mar Lucia and now vessels like Mar Patricia or Mar Almudena), or  
-Naviera Pinillos, now Grupo Boluda (Charo B, Celia B….) 

In 1998 TURBO CADIZ and ABB Turbocharger, by mutual consent, decided to terminate the agreement for the Collaborator Workshop, but to continue with commercial relationships, for sales and supplies. This turned out to be a mutual excellent success. 
At the same time (1998) TURBO CADIZ initiated first steps with MAN B&W Diesel A/G to obtain the Authorized Workshop certificate for MAN turbochargers. Do reach this our staff went to Augsburg (Germany) for training in order to finally achieve the Authorized Repair Service status for MAN Turbochargers in May 1999. 
In all these years TURBO CADIZ has the pleasure to work for the majority of the Spanish shipping companies as  

-Buque Bus (Patricia Olivia, Albaycin…)  
-Balearia (Manuel Azaña, Bahia de Málaga…),  
-Transportes Marítimos Alcudia (Rolón Alcudia, Rolón Bahia Alcudia…),  
-Umafisa, now inside of Balearia (Isla de Botafoc, Espalmador…) 

But also international shipping companies, e.g.  
-Comarit Ferry (Bismillah, Berkane…), 
-Comanav (Anwal, Aknoul…),  
-Limadet Ferry (Ibn Battouta, Beni Ansar…),  
-International Maritime Transport Corporation (I.M.T.C.)  
-(Atlas, Mekness, LeRif…),  
-Spanish Navy and the most important Spanish naval companies like  
-Navantia (before Izar Construcciones Navales),  
-Union Naval Barcelona or  
are amongst our clients which have proven our international competence.  

In 2003 Turbo Cadiz contacted Mitsubishi Heavy Industries LTD, with the purpose to get the representative status for Spain for the MET Turbochargers. For this reason our staff travelled to Nagasaki (Japan) to get the required training. Finally, in January 2004 TURBO CADIZ obtained the certificate as Authorized Workshop for MET turbochargers. 
Being aware of the industrial diversifications, TURBO CADIZ has intensified lately the relations with important industrial holdings, as  

-Endesa Energia,  
-Abener Energia, 
-Grupo ElPozo, and Vegetales Congelados (Veconsa),  
-Oesco, Finsa,  
-Natra Cacao, 
-Betica de Cogeneracion (Becosa), or  
-ABT Purines.  
All these and many more well recognized customers have justified the excellent efforts of TURBO CADIZ. 

In 2004 Turbo Cadiz decided to extend its facilities again by purchasing a former boiler workshop (owned to Herrosol SL) in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz), Poligono Industrial Pelagatos- C/ Del Progreso 17A-20A. 
After a substantial conversion, required to adjust the existing facilities for our special needs with turbo charges and heat exchangers, the workshop distribution is as follows: 

Total Work Shop: 2.500 square metres 
Cover:         1.500 square metres 
Uncovered: 1.000 square metres 
Warehouse:           1.000 square metres 
Offices:                        300 square metres 

A list of important and significant equipment of our workshops is contained in the annex.  
In 2006, after long negotiations and a completed training program we reached an agreement with NAPIER to be their Authorized Service Partner in Spain. 
2010, two more makers, Hispano Suiza (HS) and Mitsubishi (TD) Turbochargers, were recognizing our reputation and signed new service and support agreements with us. 
End of 2012 we agreed with Sauer & Sohn from Kiel, Germany to be their representative  for Sales & Service for the territory of the Iberian Peninsula.
In 2013 we expanded our business and opened new workshops in Tangier, Maroc and in Las Palmas, Canary Islands. 
To give up is not our mentality but instead we continue dealing with other suppliers to continue to grow in our special market. 
In order to take care of our staff in regard to health and safety at work, TURBO CADIZ has agreed with a specialized company the supervision of the work risk precautions we have implemented. 
Because of the respect for the environmental and natural resources we have started the process to receive the certification ISO 14001 in the very near future. 

Our Policy is immediate response based on the fact that we are available and prepared 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, worldwide, with the high quality, price and innovative service. 
The Target of the Company is high quality with efficient & reliable service to our customers.  
Over the years and based on our customer needs, we now have in our Warehouse more than 1.700 line items of new and reconditioned materials from more or less all makers.