Hawke Transit System-HTS was created in March 2005 when the business unit of the Hawke Transit System, was transferred from Hawke International to our parent company Fernandez Jove S.A.

Hawke Transit System are an established product, manufactured to highest specifications and supplied to the Hazardous are industries, worldwide, for over 25 years. Whilst ownership of the established Hawke Transit System product range has changed, the product itself, remains unchanged and continues to be manufactured to the same exacting standards, certified by Lloyd's Register with the MED certification.

Founded un 1972, our parent company Fernandez Jove SA has a wealth of knowledge and more than 30 years experience in the supply of equipment and installation services to Shipbuilding industry, Oil & Gas/Petrochemical industry, Telecommonucations and Train/Rail associated Industries.

Product Development

The search of global solutions and assessment of customer actual requirements now enables us to offer the engineering, design and installation of more sophisticated equipment packages.

Close collaboration with the customer and a continuous evaluation and improvement process in design and production, guarantees the delivery of robust and reliable equipment with proven benefits and low maintenace cost. Again advancing the reputation for 'Quality and Service'.


Hawke Transit System products are designed for use in Marine and Civil environments and manufactured to withstand the rigorous demands of onshore and offshore installations. Providing Fire/Gas/Water Environment seals.

Hawke Transit System products are approved for both A Class as defined by the IMO and SOLAS 74 regulations and H Class maritime applications (Jet Fire Test). Certified by relevant accredited certifying bodies Lloyd's Register (M:E:D), Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, Germanicher Lloyd's, LPBC, American Bureau of Shipping.