Motec based in Antwerp as service company with activities in the marine and offshore sector,  focused on ship repair, construction and supervision of shipping projects and retrofits, water treatment, azcue pumps, separators and 15ppm monitoring systems, calibration services etc…

From the start, 20 years ago, Motec built out a network of companies around the world for  interventions, trouble shooting  and service in situ. We dispose of flying squads composed of skilled engineers, welders, electronics and others, all with class approved certificates.


MOTEC also advises on contractual issues. It make its recommendations about the content and structure of a contract based o an assessment of the tenders and the risks attached to the projects.


Professional supervision  by Motec during the project’s execution is particularly important in light of the many changes that can occur at this stage. For instance, the working conditions may change, or the contractor may claim that they have changed



Shipowners-managers regularly call on Motec surveyors to provide superintendency  services, including the supervision of newbuilding, conversion and repair of projects for the deep-sea, offshore and dredging industries. Our surveyors also regularly supervise dry dockings worldwide.


For many shipowners, ship management has become a complex affair, particularly the operational management of their vessels. As a result, many owners regularly call on our specialists’ years of experience in the industry to help them make the right decisions.

On-site hull-repair services include the renewal of both small and large areas of damaged hull plating. These repairs can be carried out above or below the water surface, according to the circumstances, with tailor-made mobdocks – no need for drydocking. Normal commercial activities can therefore continue without disruption. These operations follow the procedure for welding cracks in the vessel’s shell plating and they are approved by the major classification societies.