The company’s name Sormec comes from the first part of Mr Sorrentino’s name, which is fused with the beginning of the word Mechanical. At the outset, the company targeted fishing boats. The market was not that large, but over time with a lot of work and reinvestments the company has grown and new horizons have been opened. Bigger projects for ship deck cranes began to take place and Sormec was involved in taking advantage of the new opportunities.

Over years, and thanks to continuous investments and research, Sormec extended and became a stronger company aiming for the offshore sector and offering a large range of products. Today, Sormec can provide stiff boom, telescopic, knuckle, elbow and foldable cranes, and also for life-saving we provide the rescue davits or fast deployment davits (a-frame cranes).

For the offshore sector we invested energy, time and ambition to be able to provide to our customers different types of systems, like AHC (Active Heave Compensation or CT Constant Tension), MOPS (Manual Overload Protection System), AOPS (Automatic Overload Protection System).

The company also offers technical, commercial and engineering support and a spare parts service. It is certificated ISO 9001 and API-2C and has also been recognized as meeting ISO 14001 in terms of the work it does to protect the environment.


The company manufactures hydraulic lifting systems for ships, vessels, oil rigs, barges and offshore services with everything made according to customer specifications. Since its establishment 25 years ago, Sormec has consistently increased its global market share by delivering innovative tailor-made cranes for marine and offshore customers all over the world, confirming its brand as a byword of technology, accuracy and reliability.

Thanks to the experience acquired in the hydraulic lifting field since 1980 and care of details in design, engineering, construction and after-sales service of cranes, Sormec has gained a prominent position in marine equipment manufacturing. The facility covers an area of twenty thousand square meters, eleven thousand of which are indoors. Located only a ten minutes drive from the company’s main head office, the new Sormec building, with a space of 6.200 square meters, is placed in Partinico (PA) for the metallic carpentry, welding and painting procedures.

Sormec cranes are specifically manufactured for all segments of marine and offshore industry with a large range of products; all of them are customized and based on each customer’s request and needs.

Constant investments and a continuing quest for innovative solutions have proved to be winning strategies for Sormec.




Our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible technical lifting solutions at the highest quality standards with the shortest lead times in the industry at a competitive price.
Our real strength is that we aim to give customers exactly what they want. We don’t have a standard product, we try to find out what suits our customers’ requirement best. We work with customers all the way through the process and we support them afterwards and we offer a spare parts service.

The company, through experience gained over the years, has achieved satisfactory results which, in addition to job satisfaction, have made us more critical of the actions carried out during production operations.

Our main goal is to listen to our customers and please them by delivering unique solutions. We like to define us as tailors of the sea.

The scientific and technological know-how is the result of a dynamic approach to the market requirements and of an everlasting quality improvement. New ideas and assiduous research on products, services and brand image, have been constantly made to ensure the complete customers satisfaction.

The company winning strategy “full compliance with customer requirements and constant research studies for achieving new and efficient technical solutions” has made Sormec an appreciated company all over the world.


Sormec manufactures a large number of both on-and offshore cranes, proposing a big range of models. Thanks to the decreased weight of the structure Sormec equipment requires the lowest energy needed for its product class. To meet its client’s specific demands the cranes models are duly studied for each specific request: every Sormec crane is tailor-made, respecting each customer’s technical requests.

The product range extends from small cargo-handling cranes of 10 mt (overturning moment on slewing ring) to 4.000 mt offshore cranes.

Engineering expertise and use of sophisticated design software allow Sormec to be successful in the most complex engineering challenges.

Welders are specialized and certificated by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and welding is verified by qualified R.I.NA personnel (2° level, according to the UNI EN 473, ISO 9712 norms and American recommendation SNT-TC-1A), through magnetoscopic and ultrasonic controls (NDT).

Thanks to the long experience Sormec has developed a personal standard of marine anti-corrosion treatment of materials. This treatment ensures the best protection against the harsh marine environment. All crane components are tested during production process and during the assembling into the factory, in accordance with ISO 9000 rules.

The quality, performance and reliability of the Sormec cranes are guaranteed by the use of top-level components and careful monitoring of all stages of processing and assembly.