ACO Marine

ACO Marine

Part of the US$1 billion German ACO Group, ACO Marine has a committed sales and service network operating worldwide.

ACO Marine’s industry debut came more than twelve years ago with a patented range of grease separators that now claim a 75% share of the cruise market.
Other products including bespoke piping systems, specialist stainless steel tanks and scupper/channel drainage components, ACO Marine provides turnkey new build and retrofit solutions for all marine applications.

All products are manufactured entirely at wholly-owned facilities strategically located within the EU.

ACO Marine product features include:

  1. Environmental system concepts
  2. Exceptional performance standard
  3. Proven reliability
  4. High performance materials
  5. Innovative technologies
  6. IMO Type Approval and certification (where applicable) by all leading marine and ISO certification and classification bodies
  7. Entirely designed, sourced and manufactured within the European Union at strategic locations in Germany and the Czech Republic
  8. Lifetime support worldwide

ACO Marine system solutions as a part of the ship design process

As a reliable partner, ACO Marine provides complete system solutions to the shipbuilding, offshore and ship design industries.

Operational compliance is ensured by use of only the latest technologies fully developed in-house. Working closely with our customers at the outset from first design concept, through to handover and in-service support for the life of the equipment, ACO Marine adopts a true ‘cradle to grave’ philosophy.
Ongoing research and development programmes strive not only to simplify and improve existing products and technologies, but also to introduce additional new products and services to our expanding portfolio to ensure an optimised service to our customers.

ACO Marine is a recognised single source supplier for all marine wastewater management requirements.