The best winches in the world

It is for more than 16 years that our team is building the best winches money can buy. We dare to make this statement. Not a single employee wishes to make any concessions on quality. Your winch system must function flawlessly, with a minimum of maintenance. DMT marine equipment is engineered and produced according to the highest standards. It is for reasons of dedication, customer feedback and experience that our concept guarantees an absolute minimum cost of ownership.


Additional to our standard range you can choose from a huge number of possibilities and options. This gives you the opportunity to configure our standard to a tailor fit on board of your vessel. Of course, our highly skilled engineering team is more than willing to change your specific winch characteristics into a perfect designed custom build winch on paper. Tailor made, but not necessarily more expensive, because
it will be designed to your needed capacity, according to your personal ideas for what the winch should do; no more and no less.

Our business activities can be divided in five categories: 

WINCHES - The 100% custom designed DMT winches, are built to withstand the harshest marine conditions and comply with the most stringent performance criteria in any desired configuration. 

DECK EQUIPMENT - Besides the main activity, winch production, DMT offers a wide range of Mooring Equipment like Chocks, Warping Rollers, (double) Bollards and Fairleads. 

OFFSHORE SOLUTIONS - DMT Offshore Solutions combine our top quality winches with state of the art monitoring and control systems. Delivered on a turnkey basis we provide complete mooring systems offshore companies can rely on.

MEGA YACHT EQUIPMENT - Our products are elegant and compliment any decks they are fitted on with state-of-the-art designs and smooth finishing. They are designed and executed according to client requests and under the rules of any Classification Society Requirements 

SPECIAL PROJECTS - In our business activity SPECIAL PROJECTS we serve a wide variety of companies with project based assignments in steel manufacturing.


The fact that we are supplying the best that money can buy is because we have clients like you. Clients who know exactly what they DON’T want: downtime, high maintenance cost and rust on board.

Throughout many years of practical experience and investigation our clients created, with the DMT team, step by step the best product on the market. Together, we proudly design and produce the best winches in the world!


All stages of production are modernized and provide for worldwide quality standards. The quality standards of DMT are recognized by customers and leading international class societies.

Letter of DMT General Manager, Piet ter Schure. 

I would like to summarize the improvements that we, as DMT Marine Equipment, made to our winch systems since the last decade. 

All DMT winches have grinded wheels in the gearbox, fit for perfect teeth rolling and maximum noise reduction during operation. DMT winches are executed with the best bearings (FAG, SKF,INA) and oil seals (Dichtomatic) available on the market, which will help you have flawless lifetime operations with minimum maintenance required. 

All DMT winches are manufactured according to DIN norms and produced in our own ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standard approved workshop. Having our own production, will give us maximum control over the smallest details in the winch, which we consider to be very important for continuous operations even in the most hardest conditions. 

The DMT control systems are these days, produced in our own facility, meaning that we are no longer dependent for different changes. In this way, we build up a perfect standard program for our PLC and FQ drives in order to have worldwide remote control in case there is something necessary onboard. 

All DMT winches are completely tested on our own test facility where the client and class can witness this for themselves, and our engineers can make on the spot changes to the control system, if this is requested. 

All these, lead to a perfect plug and play system delivered to any yard around the world. Due to a very good understanding, with our well-respected  clients, we managed  with their feedback  to come  to a complex  winch, which has the lowest maintenance  compared  to anything  you can find at the moment anywhere in the world. 

There is no moving part on the outside (brake/clutch) which should to be greased, because we use special bearing material in all swivel points. In this way, we prevent blocking or rust on and under the winch. 

Last but not least, it is our team which is very much experienced and dedicated to deliver the best and most competitive winch system on board. 

I hope I made it clear that DMT winches are the best for a long time use with a minimum of maintenance. In case I could help you with any more information, please let me know. I will gladly do so. 

Piet Ter Schure 

General Manager